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Wolf Taxidermy Mounts and Rugs by North Country Marketing are the highest quality furs found anywhere in the world! Whether you are seeking to provide a complete Adirondack wilderness camp atmosphere to your home or just putting the right touch on your new den or office, we can help find the right wolf rug for you. Below are some of the finest specimens available anywhere for your purchase consideration. All the fur used in our animal creations is hand selected for superior quality, representation of the species, and investment value. If you have been considering the acquisition of a wolf rug, we know we have the right specimen to fill your needs!

Wolf coats may vary in color from gray to brown, from white to jet black with silvers and "blue's in between. Grey is the most common with the whites, silvers, multi-colored, and "blue's" much more rare and collectible!

Rug Backing
Hand stitching

The image above is to illustrate the superior quality and craftsmanship used on the backing (rugging) of ALL our Rugs! This special rugging is designed not only for protection of your specimen, but also to enhance the look and feel and provide a sanitary product you will feel safe and comfortable in using in a variety of ways! The insets in the image above are to show detail of the craftsmanship of key points such as buttons, hangers, and upholstery tacks.

All of our rugging is hand stitched directly to the hide, not machine sewn and not just hot glued like those of lesser quality. Hand sewing is an arduous task consuming many hours and is the mark of "Only the Best"!

We can customize any order to fit your particular needs!
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Please note that all measurements given are "nose to base of tail" and NOT diagonal like others in the industry use to make their bears seem larger then what they really are. Our Width measurements are across midsection of "stomach" and NOT widest points (paw to paw)... We use no "gimmicks or tricks".

Shipping/Handling and Insurance of all our Bear
and Wolf products are set at the LOWEST rate possible
to the lower 48 States! For rates to other areas please email or call!

Timber Wolf, life-size mount...
with superior color and fur and expertly crafted!
A high-quality representation of this magnificent animal!

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We can customize any order to fit your particular needs!

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