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Mountain Lion Rugs and Taxidermy Mounts

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Mountain Lion rugs and mounts are rare and exotic and make for an exciting decorating idea. We carry only the highest grade Mountain Lion available in today's world market. In keeping with our commitment to excellence we hand select all of our specimens for your home, office or business decor needs. These rugs are a great conversation piece and/or gift idea and we will gladly find the "right one" for you on a custom order basis if need be.

We can customize any order to fit your particular needs!
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Mountain Lion Pelts and Skins
Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion or Couger Skin Rug
The three images above represent the highest quality
Mountain Lion rug taxidermy we have in inventory!
Note the excellent taxidermy and total attention to detail right down to the trim!
This Lion exhibits all the high quality features of this wonderful species and is highly desirable!
We offer this unique specimen for your purchase consideration!

Measurements of this BIG Lion: 59" by 28" Body...
Does NOT include 33" Tail!

Item#: GF-05-04
SPECIAL Price: $ 2,250.00

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We can customize any order to fit your particular needs!

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Bills Bear Rugs and Taxidermy