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We have new shipments of Bear Skin Rugs, Moose Mounts, Grizzly Bear Rugs hides and mounts, Bison, Buffalo Hides and Rugs, Bear Skin Rugs, Wolf hides and Wolf Rugs, wolf mounts, Bison Buffalo Mounts, Elk and Moose Mounts and Bison Rugs arriving all the time. We deal with only the highest quality Taxidermy Mounts, Bear Rugs, Home Decorating Accessories, and Rustic Home Decor Supplies! If you are seeking the very best, you have found it at Bill's Bear Rugs & Taxidermy!

Bill's Bear Rugs & Taxidermy

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We provide only the Highest QualityAnimal Furs, Bear Rugs and Bison Rugs, Moose Mounts, Wolf Rugs and Wolf Pelts and Accessories available anywhere. All of our taxidermy is hand selected and only the very best examples of each species make it to these pages. We are the "Rolls Royce of Taxidermy!" So you can shop with confidence when dealing with Bill's Bear Rugs & Taxidermy! Our Taxidermy brings character and style to your interior decor!

Many people looking to decorate their home, camp, or office, incorporating great elements from nature, helps tell the story of who they are. As such, those people choose to outfit and decorate their homes, workplaces, or cabins with taxidermy.

Bill’s Bear Rugs & Taxidermy is renowned for having an unbeatable selection of animal taxidermy for sale, including real bearskin, buffalo, and wolf rugs, as well as moose and deer mounts and much more.

Whether you’re looking for something to hang on your walls, or you want to cover your floor with a unique animal rug, we will provide you with just the selection you need. Keep in mind, all of our taxidermy is hand selected, and our unique pieces will surely impress your friends – whether they’re hunters, or fans of your new rustic and woodsy look.

Browse through our site to see all of our interesting pieces categorized along the right side of every page. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about a particular piece, contact us today.

The pictures below were taken at The Adirondack Living Shows in Lake Placid, New York, and at the Times-Union Arena in Albany, New York!




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Bill's Bear Rugs & Taxidermy offers smooth and easy transactions and shipping!

Bill's Bear Rugs & Taxidermy offers The very best in Fur, Hides, Mounts and Bear Skin Rugs for your home, cabin or lodge and office decor.

We offer the following products: Bear Rugs and Bear Skin Hides, Designer Fur Rugs , Zebra Skin Rugs, Wolf rugs, Wolf hides, Wolf skin rugs, Zebra Skins and Zebra Rugs, Bison Rugs and Bison Hides, Caribou Hides and Mounts, Bear Skins and Bear Rugs,Buffalo Hides and Buffalo rugs, Elk Hides and Elk Mounts,Exotic Furs like Mink, Red Silver Grey Cross Blue Fox and many others, Decorator hides and pelts from Fox , Raccoon ,Rabbit ,Fisher, Grizzly Bear Rug, Mountain Lion Rug, Grizzly Bear hides and pelts, Cowhide Hides which look super as sofa throws, Moose Mounts for that rustic look and appeal, Black Bear Mounts and Moose mounts, including full body for that special room!

Bill's Bear Rugs and Taxidermy is your home for quality:
Skins, Pelts, Hides, Mounts, Rugs and Taxidermy made from Cowhides and Steer hides, Grizzly Bear Hide and Rugs, Wolverine Rugs and Wolverine Skins, Cinnamon Bear Rugs, Blonde Bear Skin Rugs made with fine hand stitching and the world's best taxidermy and craftsmanship.

Don't forget our Chocolate Bear rugs and Chocolate Bear Skins!

We also have a full array of Animal Skulls, professionally cleaned and ready for display!

Thank you for shopping Bill's Bear Rugs & Taxidermy for your quality Bear Rugs, Wolf Rugs, Bison and Buffalo rugs and hides, Moose mounts, Deer Hides, Zebra Skin and Bear Skin Rugs, and all your other Hides and Skins decorating needs!

We help you decorate in the Rustic Adirondack Tradition!

Whether you are seeking to provide a complete Adirondack Wilderness camp atmosphere to your home or business, or are just putting the right touch in your den or office, we can help. We encourage private collectors as well as commercial designers to call on our services. We specialize in custom orders, so if there is something in particular that you are looking for, please call or contact us by phone.

Our taxidermy service can provide any legal mount, and we ship in the United States and Canada. All of our furs are acquired through accidental death or government management programs. We employ Native North Americans wherever possible to assist us in our animal creations.

Be sure to visit our CLEARANCE page for great specials!!!

We are fully Federally and State licensed for import and export sales.

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Bills Bear Rugs & Taxidermy

North American and African Species are Readily Available.

We Encourage Private Collectors and Business Owners,
as well as Designers to use our services.

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Bill's Bear Rugs Bills Bear Rugs & Taxidermy, bringing you Adirondack style to your camp,home or office!
Bills Bear Rugs and Taxidermy