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Furs, Pelts & Hides!

All of our Furs, Pelts & Hides (we use these terms interchangeably) are of the highest quality available anywhere in the world! We search domestic and foreign markets diligently to bring you the very best! All our Furs are garment industry quality and tanned to the ultimate in softness and appeal! We specialize in offering you the very best!

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Fox, Coyote, Lynx & More!
Fox, Coyote and Lynx
Coyote, Red Fox, Amber Fox, Cross Fox, Burgandy Fox, Silver Fox,
Kit Fox, Grey Fox, Blue Fox, Platinum Fox, Arctic Fox and Lynx!

Other Animals!
Other Animals
White-Tailed Deer, Beaver, Bobcat, Ermine, Badger,
Mink, Muskrat, Ringtail, Fisher, Racoon!

Wolf Pelts
Wolf Pelts/Hides (Furs)
Arctic and Tundra Wolf!

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