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(Cervus Elaphus)

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Elk....Mounts, Antlers, Pelts, Skins, Hides and more! North American Elk or Wapiti (Cervus elaphus) represent a wildlife species that has achieved a status of "royalty"! Not many North American animals are as prized by collectors, decorators and people with a love of nature and natural taxidermy as the Elk!

We can easily customize our Elk Mounts so they will enhance the look of your home, restaurant or business. North Country Marketing will specifically tailor your mount according to its location, and the measurements of the mount area so that it becomes an enhancement to the room rather than an overpowering feature.

Our Elk Mounts are unique in the aspect that they are processed at, or near, the point of harvest. This procedure ensures the highest quality and durable fur possible. To ensure the high quality that our clients have come to expect from us, North Country Marketing consistently monitors the building of our creations. All our Elk Mounts have removable antlers for shipping and storage convenience and can ship our mounts anywhere in the world from Canada or the U.S.

Elk are a very impressive display taxidermy piece and give any home or office that rustic and romantic charm that many desire. We select only the finest Elk mounts, hides and products for your purchase consideration. Call us today to discuss the right Elk mount for your special space!

6x7 Bugling Elk Mount
Width = 41"  Out from wall = 43"  Overall height = 45"
Item #: 175
Price: $1,975.00

5x5 Bugling Elk Mount
with removable antlers.
Item #: 102
Price: $1,850.00

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Bills Bear Rugs and Taxidermy