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Bear Skulls and Other Animal Skulls from Bill's Bear Rugs and More

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We carry skulls and many other unique items for your decorating needs!Below are skulls available for you to purchase! We select only the finest skulls representative of the species and we assure you they are professionally prepared and cleaned so as to provide you many years of decor, that can be enjoyed for generations!

Our special cleaning process makes use of a scientifically controlled insect colony to assure you the finest cleaning available. Our skulls are never boiled...(Boiling breaks down the bone and teeth, and does not remove all the tissue material). Our skulls are all natural and of course, not artificially colored.

Prices are based on many factors and can vary due to skull sizes. In some cases you will see a price spread for this reason.

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All skulls have been professionally cleaned using dermacide beetles (not boiled). Professionally whitened (not bleached).

Black Bear Skulls on Wooden Plaque


Black Bear Skulls on Wooden Plaque


Black Bear Skulls
$225 each

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Bills Bear Rugs and Taxidermy